MOSAIC Chats with Chie Mihara at MODACALZADO in Madrid, Spain

While walking MODACALZADO, Spain´s premier international footwear and accessories showcase, I am really excited about Fall 08. In footwear, there are lots of greys, taupes and glossy patents. Suedes in rich jewel tones such as purples, blues and rich yellows are everywhere. Yellow is also hot this spring. Oxfords are more feminine than they were last fall, with softer accents and delicate heels. Leather boots, made to travel the earth, are in all shaft heights. The focus on textures continue, with large-scale croco and snake dominating. Satin finishes and jewelled embellishments in dress shoes from Magrit,, and Pura Lopez , a hot MOSAIC brand, are exquisite. Watch out Manolo, Magrit is stiff competition and a gem at this show!

I stop by the
Chie Mihara booth, ¨rocking¨ my favorite ¨Chies¨. They continue to command attention from urban sophisticates wherever I go. I cannot contain my excitement, as MOSAIC will carry Chie Mihara footwear in Fall 08. The woman behind the brand is pretty and petite. Chie Mihara is unassuming, despite the modern-day movement she has created in expanding Spanish-inspired fashion across the world. Her life story reads like a true global nomad´s. Of Japanese descent, she was born and raised in Brazil. She studied design in both Japan and at FIT in New York, and worked for American footwear brand Sam and Libby. After working with Charles Jourdan in Spain, her vision to create a line of sophisticated, feminine yet comfortable shoes, made for and by women, came to life. Chie purposely does not design shoes more than a certain height to ensure proper balance of a woman´s proportions. She really understands the woman´s foot. Alas, this is why I can strut the streets of Madrid in my marvellous ¨Chies¨ with relative ease.

In only a few years,
Chie Mihara is now an international sensation. Her love of fashion is very evident. She designs from her own inspiration and is not bound by trends. MOSAIC loves her creative genius. The brand´s signature is Spanish craftsmanship, coupled with unexpected details like cone heels, interesting hardware, buttons, pleating and stitching for added flair. Her Fall 08 collection offers intricate stitched details on t-straps, mary-janes and boots.

So I ask her, "When can we anticipate a
Chie Mihara concept store stateside?" Sorry folks, but her first concept store will open in Tokyo, Japan. She does have her eye on a New York location, having lived there for five years and loves the city. A one-stop destination with over a hundred Chie Mihara shoes to choose from?! Chie, just tell us when and where.

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